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We’re here to answer all your questions. If you don’t find the answers here, just email us at

  • Does Telzio offer nonprofit discounts?
    Yes! Please email us at to learn more about our pricing and discounts.
  • I’m looking to create a hotline. Can Telzio help?
    Yes! Telzio powers help hotlines and emergency call centers for organizations around the world. With our free mobile app and convenient call routing features, your staff/volunteers can answer calls from any location.
  • How reliable is Telzio phone service?
    Emergency police dispatchers, ambulance services, and hospitals rely on Telzio to deliver calls 24/7/365. Our globally redundant, carrier-grade infrastructure is 100% built in-house, which means we have complete control over the quality and reliability of our service. Read more about Telzio’s Commitment to Reliability.
  • What do I need to use Telzio?
    Telzio is a complete cloud phone system that works with your existing internet connection, and replaces your landlines and traditional PBX systems. There is no hardware or other service needed to use Telzio. Even if you’re temporarily away from an internet connection, your Telzio phone system will still be running in the cloud. For making and receiving calls, you have the option of using your computer, mobile device, or IP phones.
  • How does pricing work?
    Telzio plans are simple and flexible. Pricing is based on usage, and all features and users are included at no additional cost. Our unique pricing model saves organizations over 30% on average. There are no setup fees, and you can cancel anytime.
  • What type of nonprofits qualify for a discount?
    Telzio provides discounts to organizations that provide social and environmental services to the greater community. Religious and faith-based organizations may qualify if the organization's main activities involve social services. Common examples of social services provided by faith-based organizations that make them eligible are food banks, homeless shelters, and disaster relief efforts.
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